Another soul in the Smog – Y:1.1

<Y:1.0 - Y:1.1> The Smog was in deep tonight, as it had been for weeks. Nearly the entire population of Abersynth-town took sanctuary in the church, sheltering from the Smog. Was it a siege?Had the Smog finally given up on tolerating the human holdout? By the clocks, it was well into the afternoon, but nobody …

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A person I built

'My child, my lovely child.' 'You're alive now, how does it feel?''What's it like to be alive?''What's it like to live?' 'Pray, tell me, for I do not know what it is like to live.' I embrace her. Perhaps some day I, too, will know what it is like to live.I know she is alive …

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Why Love had to die

Long ago, so the story goWhen the gods of oldStill had power to showThere was conflict we're told There were gods, they say, of MercyLiberty, Justice, EqualityTruth, Kindness and HumilityTemperance, Peace and HopeBut the greatest of these was Love Justice wanted nothing moreThan for wrong to be punished for eternityLove wanted nothing moreThan life for …

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